Durante este pasado fin de semana se llevaron a cabo, en Las Vegas, las competencias anuales de juegos de pelea, EVO Championship Series.

En la categoría de Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, el puertorriqueño Job “Flocker” Figueroa derroto a Justin Wong 3-2, para ser coronado como el campeón de EVO 2013.

Esta fue la descripción de lo sucedido que publico la pagina http://shoryuken.com:

Grand Finals: EMP|Flocker vs. Justin Wong

The finals boiled down to EMP|Flocker vs. EG|Justin Wong. In the end, Flocker proved himself to be the superior player, avenging his CEO Fightermania loss.

Flocker started out with an early lead, taking Justin’s Wolverine out with a kill combo and damaging but not defeating Storm. Justin’s Storm then dispatched Zero and Vergil in rapid succession, using X-Factor to do it. Flocker’s Hawkeye manages to catch Storm and Akuma with corner mixups; 1-0 Flocker.

Flocker got another early lead in the second game, zoning Wolverine and forcing Justin to bring Storm in. Storm’s health got whittled down in the neutral game against Flocker’s Zero, but Justin eventually managed to kill Zero and hurt Hawkeye pretty badly. Flocker’s Vergil got killed rather easily on the oncoming mixup, and he wasted his X-Factor in the process, but Hawkeye did manage to pul both Storm and Wolverine away, leaving another Akuma vs. Hawkeye matchup. This time, Justin’s Akuma takes it. 1-1.

Justin’s Akuma assist gets punished early on, but Justin answers by catching Zero with a nice Storm DHC that brings him down to 15%. and then knocks him out. Flocker catches Storm and burns X-Factor with Vergil to take her out; Justin answers by rushing Vergil down with Wolverine. Flocker’s Hawkeye comes out and manages to block Justin’s XF2 Wolverine rushdown, but can’t beat Akuma. 2-1 Justin.

Flocker does a good job locking Justin’s Wolverine and Akuma down in the opening of the third match, doing significant damage to both characters at no cost to himself, but Justin catches both Zero and Hawkeye with a DHC hailstorm to even it up. Justin’s Storm manages to convert a midscreen airthrow to kill Zero, but Flocker’s Vergil catches both Wolverine and Akuma, then opens up Storm to win the match. 2-2.

Akuma takes more early damage in the fifth match, and then Wolverine ends up getting lightning looped. Justin’s Storm eats the incoming mixup and dies, but Akuma manages to block it rather impressively. Akuma catches Zero, Vergil, and Hawkeye; Justin resets the bracket.

After some early back-and-forth, Flocker’s Zero catches Wolverine and kills him; Storm comes in and dispatches Zero with two hailstorms. Flocker’s Vergil comes out swinging, activating X-Factor and rushing down, but is unable to land a hit before Justin counter-activates and takes both Vergil and Hawkeye out. 1-0 Justin Wong.

Justin’s Wolverine damages Flocker’s Zero early on, and Zero is unable to get anything going, so Flocker brings in Vergil and activates X-Factor to take out Wolverine and damage Storm. Vergil catches Storm with an errant poke and converts to sword loops to kill Storm; then Vergil comes in to try to mix Akuma up and gets Raging Demoned for his trouble. Flocker manages to to tag Akuma and waste most of his X-Factor, but eventually loses Vergil. Zero comes out and catches Akuma to take it. 1-1.

Flocker pulls ahead with a Zero combo to take Justin’s Wolverine out; Storm comes out unharmed and plays a game of high-stakes footsies before spending three meters on successive hailstorms to take Zero out. Storm catches Vergil with an incoming mixup and Justin activates X-Factor to kill; Flocker’s X-Factor Hawkeye manages to take both Storm and Akuma out. 2-1 Flocker.

Justin catches Zero early with an air throw and burns X-Factor to kill, then catches Vergil and kills him by DHCing into Storm to finish. Wolverine opens Flocker up after Flocker uses X-Factor; Storm finishes with an almost-perfect. 2-2. It’s MAHVEL BAYBEE.

It’s down to the last match. Justin catches Zero early and almost kills with a TAC combo; Zero returns with an air throw and converts into lightning loops to kill Storm. Flocker brings Vergil in and burns X-Factor to kill Wolverine, leaving Justin with Akuma. Akuma air throws Vergil but misses the combo; air throws again and kills Vergil, then activates X-Factor. Flocker tentatively zones with Zero to wait out X-Factor; Zero catches Akuma. EMP|Flocker is your Marvel 2013 Evo champion.

Una victoria espectacular para el Boricua. Si deseas enviarle un saludo o felicidades al nuevo campeón, les dejo su cuenta de https://twitter.com/EternalFlocker o https://www.facebook.com/job.figueroa.79.

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