Design Your Own Robot Collectible in 3D on the Web & Have It Delivered to Your Door:
My Robot Nation Launches First Service to Bridge Consumer Creativity with Z Corporation 3D Printing
Billions of Combinations Make Each Robot Completely Unique,
Full Color Collectibles Can Range From Playful to Warbot – Created by You
November 30, 2011 – San Francisco – My Robot Nation™ – a pioneer in bridging creativity and emerging technologies, today allows anyone, regardless of artistic or computer skills, to quickly and easily create their own totally unique custom robot collectible online, then have it made real with full-color 3D printing and delivered to their door!
With an engaging and easy-to-use interface designed by veteran game industry creatives, My Robot Nation leverages its proprietary (patents pending) online browser technology with WebGL™ 3D graphics to provide a fun and playful creation process that allows everyone to instantly access the exciting, futuristic power of 3D printing.
The robot you create is completely unique: more than 9 billion possible combinations of body shapes, limbs, color, decals and attachments exist. Your personalized creation is then made real through high-quality, full-color 3D printing by premier 3D printers Offload Studios (Vancouver, BC) and mailed directly to your home. My Robot Nation uses Z Corporation’s (Burlington, MA) cutting-edge, environmentally friendly 3D printing technology – the fastest, most affordable in the industry – to make the high-quality ceramic-like collectibles the ultimate, personalized holiday gift.
My Robot Nation is a champion of revolutionary technology that facilitates creativity, as first recognized by Google® when the service was featured as an exclusive Beta on the Google® Chrome® Web Store. My Robot Nation brings a new sense of high-tech cool to this holiday season, combining technology with personal creativity in a completely accessible way.
In preparation for the holidays, My Robot Nation has included a gifting option that allows you to make a present of the creation experience. This holiday season, give your favorite people something utterly unique: a custom robot collectible they design themselves, then can hold in their hand – a taste of the future of personalized manufacturing made possible through 3D printing.
“As a fangeek of all things future-tech, I’m blown away by My Robot Nation,” said Bob Goodman, Emmy Award-winning writer-producer of Warehouse 13™, Batman® Beyond, Justice League® and Batman: The Animated Series. “The idea that you can design your own robot – and they’ll 3D print it and mail it to you in a matter of days – is incredible. The interface is easy and intuitive, and the design is gorgeous and fun – it’s a killer app for 3D printing!”
Once created, each robot is showcased online in the My Robot Nation gallery, where a community of creators can share and compare designs, “like” and promote robots, and share robot photos on Facebook®, Twitter®, and Google+. Users can even repurpose shared designs from other members as a starting place to create their own robots and add to their Robot Nation. News, featured robots and special promotions are tweeted regularly from @myrobotnation on Twitter.
“At My Robot Nation, we believe that everyone is creative, and everyone can create – we all just need a fun and easy way to get started. YouTube®, Facebook and Twitter show us how creative everyone can be digitally – we’re giving people an amazing new way to bring that creativity into the real world,” said Sarah W. Stocker, co-founder of My Robot Nation. “Robots are only the beginning – the My Robot Nation platform is designed to be flexible and allow for the creation and customization of objects of any type. 3D printing is a revolution in creation – we want everyone to have access to it!”
“WebGL allows us to create and manipulate 3D objects right in your Chrome browser in real-time – something that was previously only possible in PC applications or consoles games. We’re using that power and flexibility to connect people with real-world object creation through 3D printing, one of the most potentially world-changing emerging technologies,” said Mark Danks, co-founder of My Robot Nation. “Being featured during the launch of the Chrome Web Store was an incredible opportunity for a start-up or any developer. With Chrome’s rocketing adoption rate and the incredible support and openness of the Google® Chrome team, any developer should be looking to Chrome as a great solution for their apps.”
As part of its launch, My Robot Nation is offering limited-edition holiday robot designs for the gift-giving season – it’s the ultimate, unique holiday gift! Pricing details and videos showcasing the robot creation process can be found at and through the My Robot Nation app on the Chrome Web Store.