Surely, when you think about the Joker, it’s natural that names like Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, and even Heath Ledger pop into your mind. But if these are the only names you can come up with, I can honestly tell you that you STILL don’t know the Joker. Not at least, until you mention the most recent addition to that very exclusive list… ANTHONY MISIANO.

Anthony, a Southern-California actor since the age of 14, has taken the cosplay world by storm with his near-perfect (if not perfect) rendition of the Clown Prince of Crime, going by the artistic name, Harley’s Joker. Recently, Anthony visited Puerto Rico Comic-Con, where he drove the Caribbean crowd wild with each and every gesture he made in every picture. Fans are already clamoring the return of the ever-loved Misiano for next year’s Puerto Rico Comic-Con. Seriously guys, if you haven’t asked your local comic-con, or anime festival to book this guy as a guest… DO IT NOW, ‘cuz you’re missing out. He’s an awesome guy overall, and his Joker impressions are just amazing. Not to mention that his levels of charisma are over 9000.

And to add to the levels of amazing that is Harley’s Joker, Anthony created every piece of his Joker costume from scratch. It takes some serious talent to do the Joker name so much justice (or crime, whichever the Joker prefers), and Anthony delivers in Spade-Cards. He also helped create his girlfriend’s Harley Quinn costume. We all know her as Joker’s Harley.

Harley’s Joker and his girlfriend, Joker’s Harley. If you’d like to know more about them, click on the picture!

Did I also mention that Harley’s Joker is an extremely talented actor? He used to be a theatre actor, until in 2008 he left for acting on camera. He currently produces, and directs films with his company, Inventive Works. He’s even acted in a number of short movies ever since. The most recent addition to the list is the fan-made miniseries, The Batman Chronicles. In this series, Anthony appears, as no other than the Joker. And if his appearance at Puerto Rico Comic-Con is any indication, you’ll be in for a treat with the amount of crazy Joker antics he’ll bring to the film. Written by Michael Lupia, and directed by Joe Petruccio, the mini-series stars both Anthony Misiano and Dan Petruccio. It chronicles the adventures of a young Bruce Wayne, and explores his evolution into Batman, his struggle with crime on the Gotham streets, and his quest to avenge his parents’ death.

Anthony’s also in a Youtube show called Reel Butter, alongside Ryan Cerutti. It’s a show all about movie news, and movie reviews. Anthony specializes in making 60-second movie reviews in the show, which he then rates with a number of pumps of butter (5 being the top number).

Even with all of that, Anthony’s such a great guy, that he took some time off his busy schedule to answer some questions for us. Really, this guy’s so cool. I originally told him it’d be 13-15 questions, and I accidentally threw about 50 at him, and he STILL answered all of them very kindly. To be honest, it’s really tough to decide on which questions to cut-off when you’re interviewing such a talented person. Let’s see what Anthony had in store for us:

Harley’s Joker Lemon Pledging Family Guy’s Consuela at this year’s Puerto Rico Comic-Con.

Robbie: Just who is Anthony Misiano? What are his hobbies, favorite music?

Anthony: I’m an artist first and foremost. I’ve been creating my entire life, whether it be drawing, sculpting, composing, acting, filmmaking, or more recently costuming and character design, it’s what I must do. I live to create. My favorite music? Hard to say. I have broad tastes. Pretty much anything with a good melody from the last five hundred years, haha.


Robbie: Everyone has a different cosplay origin story, and I’m sure you’re no exception. You fell into a batch of chemicals while touring Gotham City, didn’t you? How’d you get into cosplay?

Anthony: Completely by accident. And honestly I still have never referred to myself as a “cosplayer”.


Robbie: Even the Joker has favorites. What are your favorite videogames, anime/manga, tv shows and/or comics?

Anthony: Never been a gamer really, except maybe Monopoly, Scrabble, Rummy, Sorry, Battleship, etc. My favorite current show is Bob’s Burgers. I laugh so hard at every episode, I just love it.

Harley’s Joker teaming-up with Jesus, another cosplayer from Puerto Rico Comic-Con.

Robbie: What are your favorite characters ever, and why?

Anthony: Hard to say. Of all the parts I’ve played in theatre my favorite role has been Picasso in Steve Martin’s, “Picasso at the Lapin Agile”.


Robbie: Which Joker origin story do you stand by, Mistah J? What’s your favorite Joker story/arc?

Anthony: I’m biased toward “The Killing Joke” as far as origins go. Giving the Joker that sort of traumatic and painful loss as part of the catalyst that drove him to do the things he does was brilliant and makes the audience sympathetic toward him. It made him human, not only the writing, but Bolland’s artwork. He was one of the first artists ever to depict the character with a full range of facial expressions and emotions instead of the (in my opinion stupid) permanent smile. It’s something that was carried over well into the Batman Animated Series, and is now forever the way we see the character – explosively emotional and expressive.


Robbie: Quick! Favorite Joker! Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, or Heath Ledger? Why?

Anthony: Never going to choose one, they all brought their own stamp to the role.

Moment where I met Harley’s Joker, at Puerto Rico Comic-Con.

Robbie: Did you cosplay other characters before the Joker? And if so, which characters?

Anthony: Never had, because as I’m told, Halloween doesn’t count.


Robbie: In a scale from no butter pumps, to 5 butter pumps, just how insane is the Joker? How are you like, and unlike him?

Anthony: It’s hard to say if the Joker truly is insane or not. He seems completely aware of the choices he’s making, and in fact is often very tedious in the planning. Though he SEEMS completely random and chaotic like a madman, the truth is, I feel, he’s perfectly sane and just enjoys making everyone believe he’s crazy. He does however have a LOT of emotional issues. How am I like him you ask? I’m lanky and expressive. I think it may have to end there.


Robbie: Did you ever imagine you’d become such a big cosplay star? And how does people knowing you in every Con feel?

Anthony: Of course not, that’s a silly question. I just went to San Diego Comic Con, as per usual (being from San Diego), and thought the following Monday would be just another day. Going to conventions now, dressed up, is a little weird. San Diego was great because no one had seen me yet and people photographing me seemed genuinely excited to see this new costume and depiction of this character they found impressive in some way. Now I don’t know how many people are impressed by my work, and how many are just excited to see something they’ve seen on the internet. It’s hard to say.


Robbie: What are the dream Cons you wish to visit?

Anthony: New York Comic Con, and anything in London would be great. I’d love to be able to travel and dream of the day I actually have the means to do so.


Robbie: We all have this one favorite Con moment. What’s yours?

Anthony: Playing to the cameras with Julie Newmar who invited me into her booth. I was so giddy.

Harley’s Joker and Skelletor causing mayhem at Puerto Rico Comic-Con.

Robbie: Why the Joker? If it wasn’t him, who would it have been?

Anthony: I’ve been a Bat-fan my whole life and didn’t end up looking like Bruce Wayne.


Robbie: Are there any cosplay plans after the Joker? Maybe other versions of the Joker, or other characters?

Anthony: Nothing planned really, who knows? I’d love to make costumes for other people, if inspired of course. I helped my girlfriend design and make her Harley Quinn costume, and I almost single handedly designed and made the Batman costume for “The Batman Chronicles”. I’d love to take a crack at other characters from the Batman universe, honestly.


Robbie: Tell us about your Youtube show, Reel Butter. How’d you get into it? Who’s idea was it? What are the next movies you’ll showcase?

Anthony: The episodes are never planned in advance, so it’s hard to say what’s coming up next. It started out as an idea my friend Ryan Cerutti had, and together we sort of fleshed it out really on the spot. We had done a few camera tests, and then one day just shot an episode that we made up the format of as we went along. It worked so well, we thought, that we just kept doing it every week. In fact I’m editing an episode now, haha.


Robbie: You recently finished filming on the Batman: Chronicles fan mini series. How was that experience?

Anthony: Like any film it was exhausting, stressful, frustrating, and totally worth every second.


Robbie: Did you have to make any research, or undergo any kind of special preparation to become the Joker in Batman Chronicles? What was the toughest aspect of becoming the Clown Prince of Crime?

Anthony: It took a while to find the character. I spent a few months just really thinking about it, finding the right attitude, voice, persona, and whatnot to adopt. When you play a character that’s so iconic and has been portrayed so famously and beautifully before, you have to basically cut off all outside influences and completely find the character for yourself, the way YOU would do it. In the same way as other actors who have played the character, I had to make it my own. Hopefully I’ve done that.

Anthony, alongside Ryan Cerutti on their Youtube show, Reel Butter. If you wanna know more about it, click on this picture!

Robbie: Are there any film plans after the Batman Chronicles? Maybe Hollywood?

Anthony: No plans. Just living.


Robbie: Having a Youtube show, being a cosplayer, and an actor… Just how do you manage all of it at the same time? It must get crazy sometimes!

Anthony: It’s stressful, but it’s a choice I’ve made. I hate being bored, and I definitely haven’t been for some time.


Robbie: I met you at Puerto Rico Comic-Con, and it was AWESOME! How was your trip to the Caribbean? Any plans of coming back next year?

Anthony: I had a lovely time. I didn’t get to go anywhere, or see anything (except the insides of a plane, airport, van, hotel room, and convention center), but if ever I am rich I would love to go back and actually look around. The people were very warm and friendly, and I’d like to return.


Robbie: What are the next Cons you’ll be visiting this year?

Anthony: The only one really planned is San Diego Comic Con in just a couple weeks.


Robbie: It’s shoutout/special message time! This is your moment!

Anthony: I want to thank all of the fans and followers on my facebook page, you guys are amazing. Thank you for all of your support, there’s always more to come, I guarantee it. I love you all.

Anthony, as The Joker, next to Batman on The Batman Chronicles fan miniseries. If you’d like to know more about this project, click on the picture!

On behalf of all of the Yo Soy Un Gamer staff, I would like to thank Anthony for such a great interview. We wish you all the best, Mistah J! We would also like to thank the photographers who took the pictures used in this article. Without you guys, cosplay wouldn’t be international. ¡GRACIAS!

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